Gourmet Sea Salts Sampler

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Gourmet Sea Salts Sampler


New Zealand Sea Salt:

New Zealand Organic Pacific Coarse Sea Salt is harvested each summer, in the clean crisp waters of Cook’s Straight between the North & South Islands.  This gourmet, coarse sea salt brings New Zealand to your table.
Ingredients: New Zealand Organic Sea Salt
Size: 5oz.

Alderwood Smoked Coarse Sea Salt:

Adds a great natural smoked flavor to all your favorite foods.
Ingredients: Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt
Size: 5oz.

Alaea Hawaiian Coarse Sea Salt:

This Sea Salt is a combination of sea salt & Hawaiian clay, which enriches the
salt with Iron-Oxide. The baked volcanic clay gives the salt it’s pink color.
Ingredients: Hawaiian Sea Salt
Size: 5oz.

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Alaea Hawaiian Sea Salt | Alderwood Smoked Coarse Sea Salt | New Zealand Sea Salt