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Seattle Seasonings’ Two Snooty Chefs® gourmet line of spice blends take food to a whole new level.  The unique combinations of delicious ingredients will make any dish more exciting.  We are passionate about the level of flavor food has, so much so that we couldn’t help but put together these incredible spice blends.

Mouth-Watering Sea Salt Selections

The Seattle Seasonings’ sea salt line-up by Two Snooty Chefs® consists of natural and pure coarse sea salts from around the world.

Grind Something Fresher On Your Food

Seattle Seasonings’ array of Two Snooty Chefs® peppercorns takes spice to a whole new level.  From all over the world, our whole peppercorns are fresh, robust and unique.  The only problem is deciding which ones are the best.

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