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Our Story

Two Snooty Chefs® gourmet seasonings are the missing ingredient from every meal. We create gourmet herb and spice blends for the discerning connoisseur. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products available. We use all natural products. That means no additives, no dyes, no fillers, no fragrance enhancers, and no anti-caking agents. Two Snooty Chefs® personally guarantees our entire product line. Your satisfaction is our #1 goal and we value your return patronage.


Get To Know The Chefs

Two Snooty Chefs was founded in 2005 by two Certified Executive Chefs in the Seattle area. Their passion is cooking and they wanted everyone to be a gourmet chef. After 14+ years, they passed the aprons to Trinh and Duc where they will continue the journey.

Both natives of Vietnam, Trinh and Duc, first met in San Diego, got hitched on Oregon, and now are residing in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. They were raised in families where the smell of cooking spread around the house always brought everyone to the table. Food tastes better when you eat them with your family but they know that cooking good food is not always easy. Cooking good food starts first with the ingredients. That's why our all natural Two Snooty Chefs gourmet seasonings will enhance the flavor of your meals giving you an unforgettable bite.

We hope you enjoy our site and remember to live life with a little spice!


 Trinh Lam, Founder of Two Snooty Chefs ♡