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What are Gourmet Spice Blends and Basic Cooking Methods for flavorful dishes?

What are Gourmet Spice Blends?
They are a unique blend of premium dried herbs and spices. Our Gourmet Spice Blends can be used in a variety of different culinary applications. 
1. Brush, Coat & Cook Method

Simply brush your food item lightly with olive oil, coat with our Gourmet Spice Blend, 1 tablespoon for each 8 ounces of the food item and then grill or bake until done. 

Our Ol' Hickory BBQ is a good try!

2. Marinade

Use olive oil, and acid (e.g. lemon juice or wine) and mix in our Gourmet Spice Blend. Most proteins should be marinated for 4-24 hours.

Our Salmon Chemisé is a good try!

3. Sauce, Soup & Stews

Use our Gourmet Spice Blends to enhance the natural flavor of your dish; add to hot sauces, soups and stews. 

Our Hungarian Ragôut is a good try!

4. Add to popcorn or potato chips

Cook plain popcorn or potato chips, place in bowl, spray with a neutral oil and coat lightly and toss with our Gourmet Spice Blend

Our Rally Fries Seasoning is a good try!

5. Dipping oil for bread

¼ cup olive oil with 1 teaspoon of Two Snooty Chefs Gourmet Spice Blend; your choice and mix well. Cut bread into cubes and then dip bread in dipping oil. 

Our Seattle Garlic Seasoning is a good try!


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