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We use this stuff on everything. I initially found it when I lived in Seattle. It is a staple in our house. It gives veggies a great pop of flavor without hiding the flavor of the actual food! We use it on chicken and fish as well!!!

Ashley A.

This is my absolute FAVORITE Italian style seasoning! Don't let the name confuse you, though. This is far above and beyond your average grocery store Italian seasoning. It is full of flavor and I use it in, not only all of my Italian recipes, but also on many other things, such as oven baked fries. I ran out recently and almost cried. I literally almost cried. Just try it.


Their different seasonings are awesome. We use them on all kinds of different meats to give the flavor an extra kick.

Matt K.

Love these herb and spice mixes and use them often especially the KC Steak, the 12th Man and salmon chemise. Mix and match for a great rub for any grilling dry rub!

Stefanie B.

Love the rally fries. It’s my go to spice blend! 

Charles E.

This one was always my favorite and highly underrated

Tony S.

This is additive stuff! LOVE it

Nancy C.

I bought 3 herb blends, 3 spice blends, a peppercorn blend, and olive oil for my Daughter-in-Law for Christmas. I also bought her a mortar and pestle. Boy did I score. I love your products.

Patricia P.